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Indigo Wisp by JerrythePlayer360 Indigo Wisp :iconjerrytheplayer360:JerrythePlayer360 2 0 Nega Violet Wisp by JerrythePlayer360 Nega Violet Wisp :iconjerrytheplayer360:JerrythePlayer360 4 0 Red Wisp by JerrythePlayer360 Red Wisp :iconjerrytheplayer360:JerrythePlayer360 1 1 Nega Purple Wisp by JerrythePlayer360 Nega Purple Wisp :iconjerrytheplayer360:JerrythePlayer360 1 0 Green Wisp by JerrythePlayer360 Green Wisp :iconjerrytheplayer360:JerrythePlayer360 1 2 Blue Wisp by JerrythePlayer360 Blue Wisp :iconjerrytheplayer360:JerrythePlayer360 1 0 Orange Wisp by JerrythePlayer360 Orange Wisp :iconjerrytheplayer360:JerrythePlayer360 1 0 Pink Wisp by JerrythePlayer360 Pink Wisp :iconjerrytheplayer360:JerrythePlayer360 1 0 Yellow Wisp by JerrythePlayer360 Yellow Wisp :iconjerrytheplayer360:JerrythePlayer360 2 0 Cyan Wisp by JerrythePlayer360 Cyan Wisp :iconjerrytheplayer360:JerrythePlayer360 1 0 White Wisp by JerrythePlayer360 White Wisp :iconjerrytheplayer360:JerrythePlayer360 1 3 Ask Mark Question No.1 FixersChannel by JerrythePlayer360 Ask Mark Question No.1 FixersChannel :iconjerrytheplayer360:JerrythePlayer360 1 7 Mark meets Noya by JerrythePlayer360 Mark meets Noya :iconjerrytheplayer360:JerrythePlayer360 3 6 Tails X Zooey by JerrythePlayer360 Tails X Zooey :iconjerrytheplayer360:JerrythePlayer360 23 22 A Photo of Mark by JerrythePlayer360 A Photo of Mark :iconjerrytheplayer360:JerrythePlayer360 2 0 Super Mario Happy Meal 2017 by JerrythePlayer360 Super Mario Happy Meal 2017 :iconjerrytheplayer360:JerrythePlayer360 0 0


I feel like sharing this
I'm in a super duper HAPPY mood recently
But I feel I need to explain why
So.. first things first
I feel my life is moving forward
Like I'm going to get out of my past rut FINALLY and move forward
One step closer to having my own place x
I applied for a waitress job today, and I feel happy doing it for once
Not scared
I'm hoping for a lot of things, and planning a lot too!
Me and my boyfriend are really happy, we have been doing more things together recently and I'm seriously thinking of marrying this guy x
He's also mentioned it and gosh we're just so happy
And also, people were so worried for me a few days ago when I put up a status
I feel I need to clarify more
I won't mention names as they're probably watching my stuff, which I frankly don't care
If they want to they can, if they want to tell their friends they can. I really don't care. I know who my true friends are.
I decided to drop an old friend
I didn't say a word [which a lot of you might go "holy shit Nubbz that's cold"]
:iconnubliinq:Nubliinq 2 2
Sonamy by DashKnife-edge Sonamy :icondashknife-edge:DashKnife-edge 32 12 CM: Target practice by DashKnife-edge CM: Target practice :icondashknife-edge:DashKnife-edge 27 5 Cave of Faves: The real stars by DashKnife-edge Cave of Faves: The real stars :icondashknife-edge:DashKnife-edge 21 9 Begin the Supermatch by DashKnife-edge Begin the Supermatch :icondashknife-edge:DashKnife-edge 37 13 Magic Sonic by DashKnife-edge Magic Sonic :icondashknife-edge:DashKnife-edge 24 7 Klonoa by DashKnife-edge Klonoa :icondashknife-edge:DashKnife-edge 44 23 Sonic on Hang On by DashKnife-edge Sonic on Hang On :icondashknife-edge:DashKnife-edge 32 5 Sonic Forces by DashKnife-edge Sonic Forces :icondashknife-edge:DashKnife-edge 41 13 Olympic Amy Rose and Blaze by DashKnife-edge Olympic Amy Rose and Blaze :icondashknife-edge:DashKnife-edge 37 21 Cave of Faves: Dancing genie by DashKnife-edge Cave of Faves: Dancing genie :icondashknife-edge:DashKnife-edge 22 5 Little Mermaid by DashKnife-edge Little Mermaid :icondashknife-edge:DashKnife-edge 10 3 Freedom Planet 1 Girls Speedrun Mix by TysonTan Freedom Planet 1 Girls Speedrun Mix :icontysontan:TysonTan 480 23 Amy and Liri by Hanybe Amy and Liri :iconhanybe:Hanybe 286 13 Amy Rose Jelous by darkshadowmm Amy Rose Jelous :icondarkshadowmm:darkshadowmm 5 0 2017 by wallacexteam 2017 :iconwallacexteam:wallacexteam 14 0

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Indigo Wisp
Here's my 11th art of the Wisps

It's the Indigo Wisp!

It allows Sonic transform in a ball that pixilates anything into asteroids making you go up higher.

The Indigo Wisp belongs to:iconsegalogoplz:'s Sonic the Hedgehog
Nega Violet Wisp
Here's my 10th art of the Wisps

It's the...oh not again...Eggman needs to stop's the Nega wisp again but this one is violet,

Similar to the Nega Purple Wisp, It allows Sonic to transform into a disturbing void with a face to suck anything nearby, enlarging it, 

The Nega Violet Wisp belongs to:iconsegalogoplz:
Red Wisp
Here's my 9th art of the Wisps

It's the Red Wisp! It's my favorite Wisp. despite it only appears in all Sonic handheld games until Forces.

It allows Sonic to tranforms into a ball of flame where it can burst depending on how you charge it.

The Red Wisp belongs to:iconsegalogoplz:
Have you ever get this feeling about Sonic when talks about him beating Eggman everytime all by himself and now there's two of him like Classic Sonic?
Those of you who remembered me drawing Wisps from the Sonic the Hedgehog series many years ago, Listen up,

The reason i deleted all my Wisps arts is because i was having a art block and suffering from depression, It was like 3-4 years ago, but don't worry, I'm going back to draw them again along with the new ones from Sonic Lost World.

Anybody who likes the Wisps from Sonic, You can question me about their powers or what-not, Here's the information about the Wisps, Enjoy!

I heard from SEGA that they're gonna bring the Wisps to Sonic Forces and Custom Hero will use them in a weapon called the Wispon, That's awesome!!!

P.S: Did i say "Wisps" so much? LOL
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Jerry Gutierrez
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Hi I'm Gerardo"Jerry"Gutierrez
I was born in December 25, 1995,
I'm Autistic, Hispanic, Video Gamer, Pencil Artist, Laptop Artist, Reader, A Productive Worker, Voice Impression, Custodian, Singer,

I believe in God & Jesus Christ in the Bible, I love my family more than ever,
I'm a huge fan of anything made by:iconsegalogoplz:itself!

My family:iconmariathecat66: [Sister]
My friends:icontuun-ale::iconsusanstarrynightstar::iconfixerschannel::iconroxas-the-cat::iconlillikiller::iconnubliinq::iconsierranatteth::iconthesupernintendokid::icongrimlock1997::iconsonicandtailsfan64:
My Nintendo 3DS Friend Code: 0319-0349-9169



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Hello! :wave:
I just wanted to thank you for all of these four favorites.
I invite you to visit my gallery whenever you want. You may find something of your interest.
And if you're interested, I have opened a Patreon account, and I have open commissions. I like to reward people who help me with free drawings. :)
Arkus0 Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you very much for the watch, all the faves and the Llama.
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You're welcome dude :D
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You're welcome :)
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